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A network of small contractors is low cost, yet a big part of the machine that keeps the business running.

Unlike hiring clients, small contractors and sole proprietors often lack robust internal structures to manage their compliance effectively. Small contractors in your network have less competency around issues like safety best practices, professional standing, ESG considerations, and the policies and procedures necessary to mitigate risks.

As businesses face mounting pressure to demonstrate their commitment to more than just commerce, creating a safe and ethical contractor network is critical to ensure business stabillity and an enabler for business growth.

In our new guide, we explore key insights to help you:

  • Nurture relationships with smaller contractors and help them understand the role they play in safe working practices, and how they can incorporate ESG into the business.
  • Showcase your dedication to safety and ESG, and guide contractors on a collective journey towards these shared values.
  • Understand the benefits of sourcing local contractors, and how this can help you to maintain stability in your business and ensure that you comply with latest legislative requirements.

About Alcumus

Alcumus is a leading provider of technology-led risk management solutions providing clients with advice, expertise and support to help them identify and mitigate risks and navigate compliance. Alcumus connects verified suppliers and contractors in a two-way commitment to safety and ethical best practice and sustainable business growth. This allows businesses to get robust, accurate and verified information so you can make informed decisions about your suppliers and contractors across your entire supply chain ecosystem