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Benefits of Cognibox e-learning module
24/7 availability

Employees and contractors complete distance learning required by hiring organizations any time up to the day before work is scheduled to begin.

Web-based application

Operates across all platforms with an Internet connection, thereby eliminating traditional training constraints such as scheduling, confirming employee availability, booking classroom space, etc.

Link to EM module

Employee training files automatically updated in Cognibox upon successful completion of e learning sessions. No data entry lag. No need to print out employee proof of training.

Content reliability

Course content always presented in the same manner to ensure that contractors master all requisite concepts upstream of reporting for work.

Cognibox offers comprehensive, personalized support in developing and setting up online occupational health and safety training. Team Cognibox:

Analyses your needs and makes recommendations based on best practices.


Adapts course content to ensure compliance with your training objectives.


Develops learning sequences and oversees the integration of content.


Hosts training sessions via Cognibox or other Web-based applications as required.

Some clients using Cognibox e-learning module
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