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How the Cognibox Contractor Management System (CMS) assists hiring organizations in the mining industry in managing contractor compliance

Cognibox is an effective contractor risk management solution tailored to the needs of the mining industry. Cognibox makes allowance for your company’s organizational complexity, challenges current and future, as well as the multiplicity and diversity of outsourcing-related administrative and regulatory requirements.

Harmonization of processes
Harmonization of processes

Rigorous, centralized contractor qualification process respecting matters of occupational health and safety and environmental protection.

Reduced numbers of accidents
Reduced number of accidents

Continuous risk management for all worksites and all job types made possible through automated analyses of non-compliance and training gaps for each individual employee.

Gate link

Automated control of worksite access. Only contractors qualified based on your criteria and required on a specific day to carry out work assigned are allowed onsite.

Employee management
Employee management

A tool to select contractors based on requirements specific to your company and individual worksites.

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Better manage risks associated with supplier compliance and management

For over a decade, Cognibox has been helping discriminating organizations in regions worldwide to implement contractor compliance management programs. Our experts understand the specifics of your industry and are poised to assist you in implementing relevant management best practices. Much more than a technology-based solution, Cognibox will help you fully automate contractor risk and compliance management. From qualification and training management to the communication of job-specific requirements and performance evaluation, Cognibox provides a comprehensive solution tailored to your needs.

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Mining industry contractor and supplier management challenges that Cognibox can help you overcome
High risk environment
High risk environment

Tools and machinery used are imposing and require special handling techniques. Cognibox helps you reduce the risk of accidents by providing for the enhanced management of operator compliance.

Extensive outsourcing
Extensive outsourcing

The principle of due diligence applies in equal measure to all contractors. It is therefore important to choose contractors poised to comply with your requirements in matters of occupational health and safety.

Social responsibility and environmental risks
Social responsibility and environmental risks

Apprise contractors of your requirements and environmental requisites. Seize the opportunity to maximize local community benefits.

Cyclical industry
Cyclical industry

Reliable, user-friendly program for planning, organizing and controlling contractor compliance based on the nature of the work to be carried out.

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Current Cognibox users
Ask for a Cognibox CMS demo  
See how Cognibox enabled this mining industry sectoral leader to harmonize supplier compliance

About the client

This industry leader, which employs over 2500 employees, is an important supplier of iron ore concentrate to clients in locations the world over. Each day some 700 or more contractor employees work onsite at various corporate locations.

Nature of challenge

Geographical spread, site size and the imposing number of contractors employed to ensure the smooth flow of operations posed a particular challenge in terms of contractor management communications and harmonization processes.

How Cognibox helped

Implementation of the full Cognibox suite enabled this world leader to automate fully the contractor risk management process and facilities access.

Vice President, Operations

“By helping us automate our operating processes, Cognibox enabled us to enhance control over the incoming and outgoing movements of more than 700 contractors. As a result, we exercise greater control over outsourcing costs, while consistently ensuring that we have the right employee in the right place performing a task for which he or she is properly qualified.”

Indicators suggestive of client success
7 months

Implementation of the full Cognibox suite in less than 7 months


Gate access control of over 700 contractor employees per day


Total automation of the contractor risk management process

Mining Industry Case Study  Discover how Cognibox helped them reach a goal of 0 workplace accident while  managing many contractors. Download your Document <>
Discover all the functionalities of Cognibox CMS

Cognibox is a turnkey solution which provides for the effective management of all aspects of outsourcing — including risk and compliance management —by fostering the adoption of best practices in matters relating to occupational health and safety, the environment, sustainable development, quality and regulatory requirements.
Cognibox promotes operational peace of mind by allowing for the implementation of a system consistent with standards specific to your company. Each implementation is backed by comprehensive administrative support which translates into sound returns on investment, reduced risks and decreased costs.

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