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Cognibox LMS is an online software as a service (SaaS) training management solution

Cognibox LMS facilitates the management of employee training, work procedures, skills and professional qualifications. The system incorporates comparative analysis functionalities which enable you to ascertain quickly and easily employee needs and levels of mastery as an individual, as a group, by function, by worksite, or other. The system’s user-friendly structure provides managers concerned - from HR specialists to supervisors - with direct, ready access to the information required to plan training activities effectively.

Information exchange gateways linked to your HR systems provide for the continuous updating of employee data.

Incorporates comparative analysis functionalities for a quick overview of training needs.

Meets the most exacting criteria in terms of data protection and security.

Sample Cognibox LMS benefits

  • Manage employee training profiles and activities by position and by business unit
  • Identify gaps in requirements by employee, by team, by department, etc.
  • Centralize internal training documents and activity-specific support material
  • Monitor training and professional qualifications across team ranks
  • Create gateways to existing HR systems



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