Blended Learning

$800 for a group of 8 people.*

icone-blended_ENDid you know that the Regulation respecting occupational health and safety requires that anyone operating mobile equipment have received both theoretical and practical training?

Think your company is immune to penalties?

Kill two birds with one stone by choosing SIM’s blended learning and ensure your compliance!

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Course Description

This training covers the basic principles for the safe and compliant operation of a forklift.

Training Objectives

  • Inspect and operate a forklift in a systematic and safe manner
  • Interpret the load capacity of a forklift truck, as indicated on the nameplate
  • Describe the effect of starts, stops, turns, ramps and load on forklift stability
  • Describe the various safety measures required to operate a forklift
  • Identify the various commands and control instruments and explain how they function
  • Describe and apply preventive measures and work procedures related to:
    • The handling of various loads
    • The loading and unloading of loads

Blended learning is the combination of two methods of training: e-learning for theoretical aspects and classroom-based learning to practise techniques and to develop prevention reflexes under the supervision of a qualified trainer.


What is blended learning? 


Theoretical Component
Theoretical concepts are covered during the e-learning portion, where realistic, high quality 3D simulations allow learners to clearly visualize risk situations and applicable solutions.

Many interactions are included throughout the course to ensure learners’ participation and understanding.

Duration: 45 minutes

Evaluation of knowledge using an exam.


Practical component
The Regulation respecting occupational health and safety requires that anyone operating mobile equipment, including a forklift, has received both theoretical and practical training (see section 256.3).

Once the learner has successfully completed the e-learning portion, they obtain confirmation to move on to the practical component. During this practical component, the trainer reviews the concepts, demonstrates how to use the equipment and tests learners’ skills by means of several types of practical exercises. The date of the practical session is determined upon the purchase of the blended learning course.

Duration: 4 hours per groupe
The practical component can take the form of either individual or small-group training.

Skills are evaluated using a grid analysis.


icone-chapeau-graduation Blended learning forklift certificate (theory and practice)


Why blended learning?

  • Good price/quality ratio
  • Time savings
  • Quick and efficient transmission of theory, self-paced, and an exclusive session for practising techniques
  • Flexibility with respect to releasing employees 

Targeted Audiance

All workers who operate forklifts.


$800 for a group of 8 people.*

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Terms and conditions

 *Clients must provide compliant, on-site equipment. Trainer travel fees not included. Additional fees may apply for the practical component for groups of less than eight.


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