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Why submit to a contractor management audit?

Did you know that external contractors working onsite at your facilities are three times more likely to suffer an accident than your own employees? Despite the majority of companies having come a long way in the matter of workplace accident prevention, many still wrongly believe that they do not have the same legal responsibilities towards their contractors as they do towards their own employees.

Do you employ best practices in matters of contractor management? Put your processes to the test!

If you do not know where to begin to implement practices intended to prevent accidents and ensure that your external contractors are properly trained prior to commencing work for you, complete this audit to gain a clearer idea of aspects in needs of improvement.

Outsourcing and accidents

Many accidents in the workplace occur as a result of poor management or inadequate working procedures. Workers lacking the requisite skills and training to carry out work at your facilities put your company at risk. In matters of health and safety, the ultimate goal is zero accidents in the workplace. It is your responsibility to ensure that you and all worksite stakeholders possess the necessary skills and training. A combination of the proper tools and proper processes will help you achieve this goal.

Outsourcing and the law

Risk is one responsibility that you cannot outsource. Do the external contractors carrying out work for you at your facilities represent an acceptable level of risk for your organization? How do you ensure that onsite stakeholders are in possession of the necessary licences, permits, insurance coverage and training? How do you know that the information you have on hand about each contractor is both accurate and current? Some aspects are perhaps escaping your attention. Be certain that all stakeholders are fully compliant at all times by employing the proper tools and the proper processes.

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